What we do

Less than 0.02% of registered companies in Hong Kong employ people with disabilities. We aim to change this by creating awareness of the benefits of hiring this untapped talent pool.

Be part of the change! Create a more diverse and inclusive workplace!

Our Goals


Collaboration is the key to our success. We need committed partnerships across all sectors from government bodies, medical and educational institutions to corporations, private individuals and more. We need to take a holistic approach to how we can improve our system to ensure equal opportunities for those living with a disability.

Stewards of Change

Diversity and Inclusion is high on the agenda for most companies across Asia Pacific. Our goal is to increase the focus on disability inclusion and highlight how employees with disabilities can strengthen your workforce and add value to your business.


Creating more awareness of the benefits to organisations of embracing employees with disabilities is key to championing greater inclusion in the workplace. We hope to change perceptions and promote equal opportunities for everyone.

Our Services

Awareness Workshop

This 2-hour workshop uses simulated activities and discussions to help participants experience the world differently, enabling them to see and feel a different perspective from the point of view of a person with disabilities.

Panel Discussion

We invite speakers from different backgrounds. They all share one commonality: a different ability.The panel discussion can be organized as part of a town hall or as an evening cocktail event to enable networking and direct interaction with the guest speakers.

Lunch and Learn

Once your company has made the decision to hire people with disabilities, our Lunch and Learn will give you invaluable insight into the realities of living with a disability. Your employees will discover tangible ways to adapt training to accommodate differences.

Onboarding Workshop

This workshop will help you and your team understand more about the specific disability of the new colleague, intern or mentee. We will identify realistic and cost-effective alterations, from office needs to adapted communication channels.